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Saturday November 26, 2022



Happy post-turkey day!  First up is an impressive YouTube link from Peckinpah advisor and collector Christopher A. Howard, who is announcing an upcoming book with, quote, ‘1,000 pages, 2,000 stills from The Deadly Companions,  Ride the High Country,  Major Dundee and The Wild Bunch.’

Chris’s video presentation, titled The Wild Bunch Behind the Scenes 1968  is a full fifteen-minute montage of great still photos from the sets on location in Mexico.

The text continues: ‘They appear in my upcoming book called The Life and Films of Sam Peckinpah, An Illustrated Journey Volume 1 Part 1. The 1960s, due 21st February 2023.’ I’ve asked Mr. Howard to send me links when the book goes on sale.



Good old David J. Schow has come through with a link to a curious mini-museum dedicated to vintage U.K. Sci-Fi . . . and interesting photos.

At The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi we learn about Neil Cole’s collection, which apparently contains a great many props, etc., from the Dr. Who TV show.

Soon to go on display, the text says, is a restored Triffid from the 1981 BBC miniseries, John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids. It’s pretty much as described in the novel … complete with the detail that Triffids grow in the ground, and then uproot themselves when they become ambulatory and start stinging people. There follows a shocking apocalyptic storyline about everybody going blind, the bitcoin crash, etc. 

The images makes the colorful Triffid look big, but we can see a hand in the frame, and note that Mr. Cole describes the Triffid as a miniature, used in the show. It was donated by production manager Margot Hayhoe. We note what also looks like a full-sized Dalek, over by the refreshment counter.

I didn’t see exactly where this museum might be … ‘The North Pennines’ as described online looks like a place where Normans ought to be fighting Saxons. UK readers will surely not be as confused. Here for reference is Neil Cole’s Facebook page.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson