CineSavant Column

Tuesday September 6, 2022



I was pleased to see that Fun City Editions is bringing out its own special edition of Jonathan Demme’s Married to the Mob — it’s a favorite show and I’ve never had the opportunity to review it.

The new Blu-ray restoration is Region A, and the extras will include interviews with Matthew Modine and Mercedes Ruehl, plus the writers, along with other features.



Things are quiet in Los Angeles, after the hottest weekend in years, after many months of drought. The top temp here reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, and it was likely 10 degrees higher out in the San Fernando Valley, where the thermometer is often a match for what’s happening in the Mojave Desert.

Without having a relevant disc-related news bite, we retreat to movies that remind us of our weather. Weather systems have become so scrambled across the globe that we wonder if the tilt of the Earth has shifted — should I be buying balmy beach property in Alaska?

We asked the enticing-perspiring Janet Munro for her movie preferences this weekend, and all she said is she wants out of The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

But we have a rule at CineSavant Central — when concerned about COVID, we watch Contagion. When it’s hot, we go for movies where the sky is on fire. It’s kind of a reverse-denial psychology: worrying about something fantastic numbs the brain’s reality receptors.

See you next Saturday! — Glenn Erickson