CineSavant Column

Tuesday August 23, 2022



Well, the photo of my daughter’s pooch Mishka got all the attention last Saturday …. maybe I should change CineSavant from a website about video discs, to concentrate on cute dogs instead. All I can say is that I wish I were aging as well as he is.  She takes good care of him … all the Corgis I’ve seen here in Los Angeles seem to be grossly overfed, their bellies dragging on the sidewalk.

I repeat the image above from 2017, when a snap of Mishka reminded me of the poster pose of a certain beloved Irish sea monster. Hey, they both have big ears.



More wince-inducing ’70s TV musical drek, courtesy of correspondent Michael McQuarrie: It’s a stomach-turning Brady Bunch Variety Hour Disco Medley that’s been on YouTube for 13 years and has picked up 320,000 hits.

Florence Henderson does come off better than she did in Song of Norway… although she doesn’t look confident of her footing descending some stairs. What slays us is the aerobics-lite non-choreography; the empty-calory glitz kills us. We can’t blame the professional dancers either. Why does Rip Taylor’s ‘Disco Duck’ remind us of of Olga Baclanova’s final mutilated form in Tod Browning’s Freaks?  To avoid snide thoughts, we remind ourselves that these performers did have show-biz talent, no matter what the awful production does to them here.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson