CineSavant Column

Saturday August 6, 2022



Joe Dante forwarded this appeal for what looks like a worthy cause, a Kickstarter project to restore 100 year-old Mutt & Jeff Cartoons.

Joe notes that now it seems that nobody knows who Mutt & Jeff were; I definitely remember seeing the cartoon when I was a kid. An authority no less prestigious than Wikipedia tells us that Mutt & Jeff was the first daily comic strip ever, and that its popularity in the 1950s was boosted by the approval of President Eisenhower.



And a little bit of nostalgia. In a couple of weeks CineSavant will mark a straight Seven Years with its reviews posted at Trailers From Hell. The first was on August 24, 2015, for Blu-rays of War-Gods of the Deep and Mad Max Fury Road 3-D. I was and remain a TFH guest reviewer.

There have been some slow weeks along the way and one or two skipped days — and another will be coming up. But it’s pretty much been a minimum four reviews per week for the whole seven years. That kind of consistency tells you that I must be a dull person. . . But dependable.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson