CineSavant Column

Saturday July 30, 2022



Correspondent Jonathan Gluckman sends in this excerpt from a The Jack Benny Show guest-starring Rod Serling — in which poor Jack ends up catching the business end of weirdness in The Twilight Zone.

The episode appears to be from January 15, 1963. The plot blurb is “Jack hires Rod Serling to improve his show but he winds up trapped in the Twilight Zone himself.” I see that Serling did guest cameo bits on other TV variety shows, but this is an extended skit. They dress him up something like Hugh Hefner.



And associate Gary Teetzel once again shows us that money can’t buy love, but it might possibly buy something infinitely better. Just like you, I’ve often awakened in the morning feeling strangely unfulfilled, as if searching for an indefinable essence that would give my life meaning.

Well, the answer is here — a realistic statue of Our Favorite Horror Film Personality. The website has all the details, but what it doesn’t explain is how this product will enrich your life, make you the envy of your neighborhood, and maybe even be listed in your wife’s eventual divorce complaint. She’ll make special mention of the statue’s tastefully-rendered severed head.

(Actually, as these things go, this isn’t bad. It actually looks like Vinnie.)

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson