CineSavant Column

Tuesday June 28, 2022



With July 1st only a few days away, 2022 is now half-done. Time seems to have accelerated in a way that makes me wonder if the remainder of my taking-up-space in this dimension will pass in an instant, like a sudden breeze through the door. The positive cure for that attitude is to see where we’ve come, review wise, in the past six months. . . we have been busy here.

Thus we proffer this agglomeration of disc box tops — of 2022’s releases January through June that I’d jump back and re-see any time. Through the magic of mouse-clicking, each image will transport you to the actual review. How do they do that?

Now you will understand how pointless is the picking of ‘best of’ winners. It’s quite a lot of riches for just the first half of the year.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson