CineSavant Column

Saturday June 18, 2022



CineSavant’s redoubtable (I had to look up that word) Charlie Largent now has possession of the new The Film Detective disc of The Brain from Planet Arous and is presumably drafting a Pulitzer-quality review even as we read these words.

The 1957 sci-fi ‘shocker’ has always been a favorite. Charlie will have to be on his toes to best the incisive reporting of my old DVD review, from 21 years ago:

“Other movies of this ilk occasionally depicted¬†teenagers necking. Brain takes the cake, with a possessed John Agar so hot for poor Joyce Meadows he’s tearing her clothes. This no doubt hastened a lot of happy copycat behavior in drive-in back seats. Lots of monster movies talk about space aliens planning to mate with Earth women, but Arous dares to show us the real thing!”

And an impressively high portion of my review is correctly spelled, too.



CineSavant correspondent (and silent movie fan) Jonathan Gluckman sent over a hot link that couold easily interfere with my work. The page Never Was is divided into a blog, a magazine and a busy discussion board called ‘Lounge.’

The link is to the Magazine, which I have to say really held my attention — acres of beautiful art, discussion and articles around the related topics of Alternate Histories, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and odd categories with names like ‘Unbuilt Cities’ and ‘Genre Tropes.’ The illustrations are marvelous, with work sorted by artist, and segregated into pulp magazine covers, cartoons and comics, etc. I recommend setting an alarm to limit reading, if you don’t want to be locked into this page for three hours straight. The only possible caveat is that some of the alternate histories involve Nazi themes (not pro-Nazi) with associated visuals.

Formerly The Gatehouse, the beautifully organized Never Was page is, in its own words, ‘an online, non-commercial alternate-history magazine, edited by Nick Ottens.’ ¬† I’ll be taking a deeper look very soon.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson