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Saturday April 23, 2022



DVD Classics Corner on the Air is back with another Dick Dinman podcast. Together with his guest George Feltenstein he looks at Two Miraculous Film Classic Restorations: William Wellman’s A Star is Born and George Pal and Henry Levin’s The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm. George knows how to put the complicated restoration process into easily understood language.

The relevance here is that each of these movies came with ‘complications’ that a few years ago classified them as highly unlikely candidates for digital rejuvenation. My reviews are at Star is Born and Brothers Grimm. We’re happy to see Dick’s podcast flourishing.



Wonders Never Cease department:

And the people behind the coming-in-Fall home video breakout of the long-desired Invaders from Mars really seem to have their act together. With its re-premiere tonight at the TCM Film Festival they’ve announced the opening of early-early presales. Wary fans eager to see bits of the new restoration have been teased with this brief promo. It also gives us the great Jimmy Hunt, who is all-in with the promotion for the disc release. We’re already primed to accept that the quality won’t be uniform throughout — not all of the film’s shots were available as original negative.

It’s all coming from the Ignite company, which isn’t going to fool around with surprises or double-dip tricks — this Fall the show will be purchasable in DVD, Blu-ray and 4K versions. Yes, in a few months we obsessive collectors will have to find a new title to top our ‘movie most wanted’ restoration wish lists.

Ignite’s promotion page is at this link.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson