CineSavant Column

Saturday March 19, 2022



Correspondent Lee Kaplan was impressed to stumble upon this post by Scott Essman, from way back in 2007: Boris Karloff on This Is Your Life, the Jack Pierce Segment. It’s an excerpt from the November 20, 1957 episode in which Pierce comes on the show to surprise his old friend and colleague.



Noting that I don’t mind if a good link is a couple of years old, Gary Teetzel offers this link to an impressive audio recording: Nino Rota playing Godfather themes for Francis Coppola.

I wonder if this indeed was sort of an audition tape. It was posted on YouTube by Vincent Di Placido, late in 2020.



This last item came up while watching Arrow Video’s new RoboCop 4K disc the other night. All of a sudden a composition similarity jumped out at me that I should have seen thirty years and fifteen viewings ago.


If I’m crazy to think this please be kind, but I’m convinced that someone making RoboCop — I’m guessing producer Jon Davison — purposely set up the color angles on Dan O’Herlihy as ‘The Old Man’ to mirror Joseph Losey, Arthur Grant and Bernard Robinson’s image of Alexander Knox’s mysterious ‘Bernard’ in a sci-fi movie filmed 26 years earlier. In the Losey film the sculpture on the right is called a ‘graveyard bird.’ I’d like to know more about what we see in the Verhoeven picture — is it an eagle atop a skyscraper?

If this visual comparison is already common knowledge among 5th grade sci-fi fans, please be kind too!  A new RoboCop review is on the way.

Plus a last note to disc producers — if anyone plans on prepping a new disc of RoboCop 2 please contact me, informally, for a good extras tip.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson