CineSavant Column

Saturday February 26, 2022



The new DVD Classics Corner on the Air podcast brings out the big critical guns this week: Dick Dinman and Joseph McBride Explore those ‘Wilder’ Years gives us a discussion with the noted author and critic on his recent book Billy Wilder: Dancing on the Edge , which I reviewed back in November. If you haven’t heard a McBride commentary, you’ll find him an engaging speaker.

Note: The link takes you to the podcast, but some browsers play it more quickly than others. I can play it directly with Chrome, but on Safari I need to download it first.



Advisor and co-conspirator Gary Teetzel sends along this ‘Folks Films’ 60-second blurb video posted on February 1. It’s called ‘Alien’ in 60 Seconds and it ought to be self-explanatory.

It was made for this year’s Canadian 10k movie in a minute competition, and the director is Taylor Brown.



Not enough beautiful people in your life? ┬áCineSavant correspondent Michael McQuarrie sends link to the start of a whole string of Roddy McDowell Home Movies on YouTube. They just keep playing. Stars galore, that’s for sure. I hadn’t caught up with this encoding, which looks much better than what I saw a few years ago.

Michael wrote back to say that the editor Novella Troianiello has taken those reels of Roddy McDowell home movies and compiled a ‘best of’ sampler. It’s easier to pick out faces from this selection: The Long Summer of 1965. Now somebody annotate it with I.D.’s — there are too many beautiful people I still can’t place.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson