CineSavant Column

Saturday August 28, 2021



Now this photo gives me a REAL horror chill!  A fun link from valued correspondent David J. Schow leads off today — a silly but illuminating 2014 New Yorker comedy item written by Daniel M. Lavery: Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies. That pretty much says it all.

I’ve had at least three depressing experiences when colleagues I otherwise respect tried to sell me on Rand’s ‘philosophy,’ making it a prerequisite to friendship. Sheesh.



THIS monumental 4K Ultra HD set arrived two days ago and I’m eager to write it up, hopefully for Tuesday. As I suspected it looks sensational in 4K … I wish I could have seen it in 70mm back in the day. It looks darker, richer: Charlie Largent tells me that original prints were darker than the home video versions. I’ll try not to make my review sound like a defense, but I still admire the picture greatly.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson