CineSavant Column

Tuesday August 3, 2021


A second photo link? He’s gone nuts.

This is a lean week for Column Items and also a pressing one for free time — next week the whole site may go lean for a couple of days. I’ve been thinking about the CineSavant page, and want to mention some issues that are probably redundant, but that I get asked about in my mail.

1.  The large images that I put on top of the page twice a week are just my way of linking to older reviews that might be of interest. I no longer write ‘CLICK on it’ as a link prompt, but take my word for it, they’re links. I’ve put an extra image here, from The Night of the Hunter, just to give the column something visual. Also, my review text is usually packed with links, mostly for movie titles. They lead to other reviews and anything else I think might be interesting. On my browser the links just show up in red, and not underlined. They won’t take you to scammers or anything, honest. I know this sounds elemental, but I don’t want any of my readers to miss out — if the review you’re reading is no good, maybe the one at the link will be better.

2.  At the right side of the CineSavant front page is an invite to write me — the email is direct. It doesn’t put you on any kind of mailing list or anything. The most fun I derive from this page is corresponding with fellow movie fans, many of whom are better informed than I am.

3.  The reader comments below my reviews at Trailers from Hell are more complicated. I get great comments but also have some followers that enjoy the ability to anonymously give me grief. It comes with the territory. Responding would just make things ugly, and their remarks are a form of entertainment too. And it’s not like I don’t make errors — my advisers save me every week. I read my comments daily. Positive remarks really bolster the morale around CineSavant Central.

4.   I know my review index is a mess — they’re the three links in the right-hand column with the ‘flying saucer’ images from when I had more hair. The index is kept up to date, even if I’ve screwed up the WordPress formatting and the entries jump up and down in size. This is the place to search, here on CineSavant. The Search function at Trailers from Hell will only find reviews that were posted at Trailers from Hell. My 6500+ reviews go back to 1998 at three other pages. If you can’t find a review or an old article, feel free to write.

5.  Finally, I haven’t changed the format of my reviews for ages, and I realize that not all of it makes great sense. The ‘ratings’ at the bottom are definitely old-school and not particularly relevant, but readers want them. Since I pick and choose what I review most reviews get an Excellent or a Very Good anyway. Ranked judgments become silly when I give a Z-picture sci-fi groaner high marks, just because I find it entertaining.

6.  I welcome suggestions — especially ones that might make posting easier. I maintain several logs every week covering my posting work at CineSavant and Trailers from Hell, which I guess all comes under the heading of ‘keeping mischievous hands busy.’ Sorry I’ve no fun/silly links for you today … will run some down for next time, if I can.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson