CineSavant Column

Tuesday June 26, 2018


A couple of announcements — Flicker Alley has made an early announcement for its September 11 release of a new restoration of The Man Who Cheated Himself, a long- MIA film noir thriller that Eddie Muller premiered last weekend on TCM. It’s Lee J. Cobb’s one starring romantic role, and a very different acting exercise for Jane Wyatt — the All-American housewife plays a scheming Black Widow. It’s another case of film elements semi-abandoned but saved from extinction by The Film Noir Foundation.

And Twilight Time has revealed its quartet of Blu-rays for September: John Ford’s The Last Hurrah with Spencer Tracy, the soapy The Other Side of Midnight with Marie-France Pisier, Henry King’s handsome Gregory Peck western The Bravados and John Boorman’s drama In My Country with Samuel L. Jackson and Juliette Binoche.

Upcoming CineSavant review candidates — discs in hand: Super Fly, Maborosi, Dietrich and Sternberg in Hollywood, Let’s Make Love, My Gal Sal, Take a Girl Like You, The Maids, Under Capricorn, Shockproof, Scandal Sheet, The Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly Comedy Collection (DVD), Crime and Punishment USA (DVD), A Distant Trumpet (DVD) and the sweetly titled Go to Hell Bastards!. I’ve got a couple of clear days to devote to viewing, so we should make some progress here. Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson