CineSavant Column

Saturday June 19, 2021



David J. Schow sends along a link to a fun documentary trailer for fans of vintage journalism and publishing. Linotype the Film is about the great Ottmar Mergenthaler and his fabulous invention the Linotype machine. It’s also my cue to encourage readers to track down Samuel Fuller’s most personal production Park Row, a tabloid publishing saga that incorporates the arrival of Mergenthaler’s revolutionary device. The trailer is enjoyable just to see one of the few still-working Linotypes in action — keeping it operational must be a machinist’s dream job.

An enthusiast is asked, ‘How does the Linotype fit in with new technology?’ … answer: “It Doesn’t.”



Any Jerry Goldmsith fans out there?  When I reviewed the movie The Public Eye I didn’t know that composer Jerry Goldsmith wrote and recorded an entire music score for the picture — which director Howard Franklin rejected and replaced with one by Mark Isham.

Intrada is offering a CD of Goldsmith’s Unused Score for The Public Eye.  Gary Teetzel tells us to look down where it says MORE INFO/TRACK LIST and click on TRACK LIST to listen to some audio samples. Prior to this release, fans speculated that Jerry Goldsmith may have recycled the score into L.A. Confidential. We can now rule out that theory, but Goldsmith did apparently end up recycling the theme in a different film: the American remake of The Vanishing.


And finally, I couldn’t resist this Studiocanal teaser trailer of restored features. It’s a bald promo for the label, but also a fun guessing game of interesting titles… at the moment, Studiocanal’s vast library is providing some of the best, and best-looking, vintage rarities licensced by Criterion and Kino. Yep, I’m ready for a super-restored Nights of Cabiria as well.

Boy, in that particular frame Giulietta Masina looks like somebody else … Jean Seberg?

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson