CineSavant Column

Tuesday May 4, 2021



It’s a new Dick Dinman DVD Classics Corner on the Air podcast with George Feltenstein championing the recent Blu-ray restoration of the 1951 Technicolor remake of Edna Ferber’s Show Boat.

Dick really goes for this movie; the two of them compare and contrast it with the 1936 James Whale version. I have to admit that I too was impressed with the Technicolor restoration, even if my Irene Dunne fan membership precludes me from doing somersaults for Kathryn Grayson.



Is the science news of late imitating cinema? ¬†This Land of Science article reports on a fairly amazing real phenomenon: Scientists Discover a Free-Range Planet with Unbelievable Magnetism. This celestial body is bigger than Jupiter, orbits no star and presently roams the cosmos only 20 light years distant. Although not a star itself, it radiates its own heat and is incredibly hot. Most importantly, it generates and incredibly powerful magnetic field, 4 million times greater than that of the Earth. It’s described as a ‘planetary Goliath.’

A ‘planetary Goliath?’ ¬† Shouldn’t Takashi Shimura or Morris Ankrum be saying that?

If that’s not enough, Land of Science’s visualization of the Lone Star Bandit Astral Body, sporting a ring of polar lights like our own Aurora Borealis made into a gas stove burner, looks remarkably like a certain nefarious planetary interloper that gave Earth (and Toho films) considerable grief back in ’62. It’s really big (check), extraordinarily magnetic (check) and on a collision course with Earth (no it’s not, that a total lie). Remember, we at CineSavant are avid science readers, but only when reality fuels our adolescent sci-fi fantasies.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson