CineSavant Column

Saturday April 17, 2021



We’re all hoping for the best with Pacific’s Cinerama Dome theater and the Arclight theaters. Marc Edward Heuck theorizes that the chain and their landlord will be negotiating to work out a better deal, and various activists say that the Dome was protected from redevelopment demolition way back in 1998. I don’t think the movie habit is going to go away when the pandemic recedes, so it doesn’t make sense to chloroform this high-class chain.

I did get in touch with David Strohmaier to assure myself that this problem with Pacific Theaters wouldn’t compromise his upcoming disc restoration of the full 3-panel Cinerama MGM feature The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm. Nope, says Dave, the disc release is still on track. He sent along an image he prepared for the Home Theater Forum a couple of weeks ago, comparing the previous DVD composite with what he’s doing combining the three Cinerama panels. The images can be ‘zoomed,’ or they get bigger when opened in a new window.


Oh — since I wrote David Strohmaier, this Variety article came out, and it’s more informative anyway…



And correspondent Martin Hennessee tips me off to this article by Spencer Perry, The Wild and Complicated Story of the Rights to King Kong. It’s a little brief, but it reads well enough … I’ve been reading about the tangled Kong franchise ever since the Toho King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson