CineSavant Column

Saturday December 16, 2017


I have a review of Dunkirk almost finished but decided to save it for Tuesday — I really need to see the movie again to avoid lamebrain mistakes finalize my lofty opinions. But hey, we do have good links today!

Dick Dinman has a new web radio show up at his DVD Classics Corner on the Air, on Casablanca director Michael Curtiz — a tie-in with Alan K. Rode’s new Michael Curtiz book that I reviewed a few days back. Author Rode is present to discuss the book, and Dick’s audio edit incorporates scores of Curtiz film sound bites.

At his Video WatchBlog page, Tim Lucas regales us with his ‘favorites’ list of the year. Worthy entries all, and four of them happen to align with my ‘restorations’ list, which at least gives some credence to the notion that the ‘best’ for collectors is something once coveted, now recovered.

We already have some good future disc news for the next year: The Warner Archive posted a little sneak peek flip-image graphic on facebook two days ago, previewing new WAC titles for 2018 — which include the two Paul Newman detective movies Harper and The Drowning Pool, plus what we hope will be a blessed-event restoration of Delmer Daves’ Gary Cooper-Maria Schell western, The Hanging Tree.

Worthy colleague Phil Hall at his The Bootleg Files at the ‘Cinema Crazed’ page has a nice article up about a neglected Julie Andrews Christmas Special.

And on January 16th, Region A Blu-ray (that’s us exceptionals/deplorables here in the U.S. of A.) will get its mitts on a deluxe disc of Joe Dante’s monster-mad nostalgic reverie Matinee. Back in 2010 I was so miffed (miffed, I tell you) about Universal’s crummy plain-wrap DVD that I pressed for an interview with Joe on the subject. This time around, besides a host of new extras, we will get a gander at some of Joe’s personal Matinee- related goodies and keepsakes, the things he says he keeps in storage. Coming out of the closet will be not just the isolated ‘Mant’ film excerpts, but outtakes and scenes that were extended or deleted. The new disc is coming from Shout Select. I’m happy, because I’ll get to review it all over again.

Plus, among the Blu-ray titles Criterion just announced for March: Ken Russell’s Women in Love, Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence, a Technicolor restoration of Paul Whiteman’s King of Jazz and ‘a newly restored’ The Passion of Joan of Arc!

Dunkirk on Tuesday, plus more sci-fi and pulp comedy-fiction. Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson