CineSavant Column

Saturday January 30, 2021



Another link from the active link-accumulator David J. Schow and also recommended by TFH fearless leader Joe Dante: the dedicated Jason Cuadrado has created a fully-animated homage to The Twilight Zone that also folds in a little Star Trek. It’s been making the rounds for about a month, but if you’re as disconnected as I am it will be a pleasant surprise: “Reap What You Sow” – An Animated Fan Film.



Not sure any real movies were released last year?  You’ve got company. Just the same, the Online Film Critics Society was on the case, and we voted for the best of 2020, the Year the Movies Went Away. You can see the results as reported by Wyllisa Bennett, at OFCS: And the Winners Are…. I think next year will mark my 20th year with the OFCS … I’ve got spindles and spindles of Acad screeners, you know, the ones we’re told to destroy!



And this one has me so curious, I might just bite on a UK purchase — you know, the kind we have to wait 6 weeks to receive. I read about it long ago in a Variety review and in the Hardy Encyclopedia of Science Fiction … and then it was recommended to me highly by a Czech friend, the one who long ago helped me see Ikarie XB 1 and Who Wants to Kill Jessie?   It’s called Tomorrow I’ll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea (Zítra vstanu a oparím se cajem). Directed by Jindrich Polák, the director of Ikarie XB 1, it’s a time travel story vaguely about a Marty McFly- type expedition to neutralize Hitler … I say vaguely because I’m avoiding synopses and don’t want to spoil it for myself. These Czech sci-fi comedies are truly fun — extremely droll and imaginative, so I might give the Second Sight disc a try. If that happens I’ll be doing everyone a favor:  when I spend for a foreign Region B disc, it all but guarantees that a Region A domestic disc will come out right away!

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson