CineSavant Column

Saturday January 16, 2021



This will be a quick one — doing justice to The Pajama Game took extra time, even with the help of correspondent ‘B’. The musical is well worth it. CineSavant Central is holding together here in what is sunny California again, at least for a few days — the temperature is in the 80s. Now to just get vaccinated…

 Advisor Gary Teetzel sends along the new, improved, 21st Century logo for the new American-International Pictures, at least as it appears on a current trailer. We’re told that the last official A.I.P. release was 1980’s How to Beat the High Cost of Living. Sorry, the latest word is that this newly-revived division of MGM won’t be emulating the filmic output of the old company we know and love.



And TFH and CineSavant reviewer Charlie Largent sends along an item that might appeal to certain tech-oriented fans — a 20th Century Fox CinemaScope Manual from 1954. If I were a theater owner this booklet would scare me to death .. making C’Scope work looks more difficult than assembling an Interociter.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson