CineSavant Column

Saturday January 2, 2021



Some Quick Links to start the year … The Criterion Collection has posted a beautiful little video montage by Daniel Reis called The Gift of Room Tone. After seeing this you still might not know what ‘room tone’ is, but that’s not important. Having worked with a certain superstar singer, I wonder if Criterion cleared the usage of her clip for this piece!

Also, Dick Dinman has a new DVD Classics Corner On The Air podcast discussion Celebrating Twelve-Plus Years of the Warner Archive Collection, with his frequent guest George Feltenstein. It’s the first of two parts. I don’t know how many Archive DVDs I’ve reviewed in that time … it must be hundreds.



This last item may not be film related but it’s definitely in the New Year’s spirit: my daughter happens to be experimenting with gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses on her holiday break, and when baking is concerned no effort is too great. So here’s a wholly gratuitous snap of her Gingerbread Stegosaurus cookie

Being 500 miles away this year, I’ve unfortunately tasted my family’s incredible holiday cooking and baking only via FaceTime and Zoom. But I thought I would share anyway. And who doesn’t like dinosaurs?  If her plan for an elaborate gingerbread house works out, I’ll post it too, so there.

Next stop, Groundhog Day.  Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson