CineSavant Column

Tuesday June 5, 2018


Can’t get enough of stories about Budd Boetticher’s classic westerns? In his latest interview show Dick Dinman Salutes the Scott/Boetticher Blu-ray Collection, Dick welcomes two guests. Actor Michael Dante (pictured right) had a role in the Boetticher-directed Westbound. Sony’s restoration chief Grover Crisp is the executive responsible for putting the 60-year-old Columbia pictures in shape for HD disc.

What do you watch on TV, Savant?  Mostly things my wife requests, but I sometimes scour the Turner Classic Movies schedule looking for goodies. When I’m smart I look ahead to see what’s on . . . and here’s what I found this month:

June 8: Edward Dmytryk’s Obsession (The Hidden Room) (1949), a promising English movie made on the run from the blacklist.

June 15: The Man Who Found Himself (1937), to see John Beal twenty years before The Vampire.

June 18: The Wasp Woman (1960), reportedly Roger Corman’s first Filmgroup picture, to see Barboura Morris and Lynn Cartwright (pictured left).

June 23: The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950), to see if John Dall can do something different.

June 29: She (1965), to see if it’s been remastered (great choice for a WAC Blu, this).

June 30: The Arrangement (1969), the one Elia Kazan picture I’ve never seen.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson