CineSavant Column

Tuesday December 29, 2020


Here’s something we don’t take lightly — a solid plug from a respected blogger. ‘John V.’ has been writing about film at John V’s Eclectic Avenue for over nine years now, and he just took the time to use a whole blog entry to praise CineSavant. John’s thoughtful mini-reviews are probably more topical than mine, and his approach is very agreeable — he drifts into book and music reviews as well. Many thanks, Mr. ‘V.’


Since we dispensed with the somewhat meaningless ‘best of’ article a year or two ago, I’ve come up with this simple way of commemorating all the fine hard media Blu-ray and DVD entertainment that we’ve had the pleasure to review last year. These 101 disc package images represent titles that I’d be willing to pop into the player and see again, any time. Each links to the CineSavant review, and they go in order, from January 2020 forward.

All I can do at this point is echo the call that we’re hearing from across the globe on this strangest New Years’ holiday ever. Let’s help do the right thing so that 2020 can give us a major rebirth of sanity:  an end to the virus crisis, the rebuilding of our federal government, and a national re-commitment to science, social progress and global compassion.

Yours in shared lockdown,

Glenn Erickson