CineSavant Column

Tuesday November 17, 2020



I’ve been totally swamped the last week with an outside job, so this is going to be a poor excuse for a CineSavant Tuesday. I thank Charlie Largent for coming through with a must-read review. As a teenager I saw about ten minutes of The Wonders of Aladdin on a B&W TV with poor reception, and gave up on it. I became curious again in college when we discovered Donald O’Connor & loved him in a certain musical. Later on Tim Lucas reminded us that the show carries a credit for Mario Bava. So I’ll want to check it out after this workload goes away.


I did grab a very important quickie news item for today: we hope that the experts handling the Pandemic response do a better job than seen in this fifty-year-old news item about PCMPoor Cetacean Management.

It’s a textbook case on how to make an annoying problem 1,000 times worse: Blasted Blubber Beyond all Believable Bounds. Aliteration helps to calm the nerves after you’ve Screwed the Pooch, I guess. The old video news item really plays like a parody … just like so many legit news reports do NOW.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson