CineSavant Column

Tuesday October 20, 2020



How’s this for a shocker?  Is this an example of that pernicious Kiddie Gore that poisoned the Youth of America?  Somebody call The Wretched Doctor Wertham!  But don’t fret readers, for Nancy and Sluggo weren’t really murdered. This strip was part of an ad for a comic book that’s … a long story. Those uncomfortably realistic corpses are just dummies posed by artist Ernie Bushmiller, you know, for fun.

Well, it felt like a good Halloween idea….

…..Every Halloween I receive requests for likely Halloween pix to order, but usually closer to the holiday, when there isn’t time to act on a good recommendation.  With 11 shipping days still to go, here’s a selection of likely horror thriller candidates that came through the CineSavant doors in the last year or so. The images are encoded as links — just some wallet-lightening suggestions offered as a humble public service. Let the reviews guide you, as they range from all-time classics to hilarious losers.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson