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Saturday August 22, 2020



Stuff that came in the door department:

Back on April 11  the CineSavant Column reviewed a new book, Stephen Farber and Michael McClellan’s Cinema ’62: The Greatest Year at the Movies. It’s the book that proposes that 1962, not 1939, has the best movies Hollywood ever made; my review goes into plenty of detail.

Yesterday arrived a hard copy of the book, as promised; I had reviewed it from a .jpg file, and it’s nice to see and feel the finished item, and to see that it is a quality hardbound publication. If only a few disc companies were this thoughtful — these folks came through as promised, even though hardly anybody’s offices in this TOC (Time Of Covid) are working up to speed.



And then, Walter Olsen of Scorpion Releasing sent along a comp copy of the new Blu-ray disc of the devil-cult horror item Night Visitor. The independently produced movie has a name cast that includes Allen Garfield, Elliott Gould, Richard Roundtree, Shannon Tweed and Michael J. Pollard. Scorpion’s disc has been sitting here for a day, but so far I’ve found enough excuses to avoid looking at my interview. I guess I’ll get to that sometime today.

CineSavant will have a disc review up  soon, which will definitely be an exercise in objective opinion restraint. What kind of disclaimer will the review need, for a picture that I edited, and a disc that I participated in as well?  Will it just be more of the self-centered coverage you’ve come to depend on here at CineSavant?  I’d better renew my prescription for those bias-blocking impartiality pills, and take another ‘No Fake News’ oath before a notary public.



And as long as we’re covering all these shameless personal angles, I might as well get a signpost event over with. Five years ago on August 25, 2015, the orphaned ‘DVD Savant’ page was invited to take a guest roost at the top-rated and indispensable Trailers from Hell site. I think it has been an excellent fit — at TFH I’ve finally achieved some control over what I write. In all that time I’ve received nothing but help and good guidance from Joe Dante’s cohorts in cinematic crime Charlie Largent and Kris Milsap. The support has been excellent, what with handsome re-designs and excellent publicity spreading the word on social media. DVD Savant morphed into the present ‘CineSavant’ in September of 2017, so I guess the page is still only in its infancy. I hope the arrangement has been agreeable for them; for me it’s been nothing but fun.

I found some of Charlie Largent’s  CineSavant logo ideas from 2015, before he came up with the almost-too-good final item.  ↑

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson