CineSavant Column

Saturday July 18, 2020


Congrats to Savant reviewer Lee Broughton, whose review for the Spaghetti Western The Specialists has persisted on the Trailers from Hell Top Six Popular Articles list for several weeks. An invaluable asset to CineSavant, Lee has been writing for us for more than twenty years… amassing a considerable volume of reviews. I hereby offer this link to Lee’s own page, Current Thinking on the Western.

Today’s fun continues with a musical link from trusted cohort Craig Reardon, a cue from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, doing a spot-on in-concert rendition of the main theme from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Boy, the record of this soundtrack album was a real thrill back at Christmas of 1969…

And Gary Teetzel reports that Scream Factory’s Blu-ray presentations of the old A.I.P. thrillers How to Make a Monster and War of the Colossal Beast have been delayed again, this time to November. This is the third or fourth push-back, we think for How to Make a Monster. I guess we have to admit that we were looking forward to those vintage Sam Arkoff titles. Are these two turning into the ‘Flying Dutchmen’ of Blu-ray releases, doomed to forever wander the calendar in search of a release date?

Being Blu-ray fans, our impatience knows no bounds. With these booted from Scream Factory’s October schedule, Warner Archives darn well better come up with something good for Halloween…

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson