CineSavant Column

Saturday June 27, 2020


Is whole world ray gun-happy?  Edward Sullivan’s web searches show that there’s an entire underworld of antique toy collectors out there, as indicated by the fab collections of robots and space guns on this page. It makes enough sense — I might go snooping online for images of some really cool toys my aunt sent me from Germany in the late ’50s, early ’60s.

Anyway, Ed also steers us to an Alphadrome Web Board page in which a collector rejoices because he’s found an original Fethalite Space Disintegrator Gun first discussed two columns ago. The scan above is only one of about ten images the collector has taken to document it. He calls it his ‘Aussie Holy Grail’ even though it’s damaged and is missing parts. The toy looks so cheap, I’m surprised it survived at all. No, don’t thank me, this is just another essential CineSavant journalistic investigation of important social issues.

As long as I’m really overreaching for acceptable links, here’s an older Gary Teetzel link to something I know we all need, a Welded Steel AT-AT BBQ Grill. The website Nerdist brings us news we can’t live without — ‘Put another Ewok on the Barbie, Sheila!’  The little video at the page shows that it’s a fully practical item. Maybe even in the snow of the Ice Planet Hoth.

See you on Tuesday — hope to have some actual Blu-ray links and info then. Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson