CineSavant Column

Tuesday June 23, 2020


Correspondent Keith West sheds light on last Saturday’s CineSavant post about an ad for a ray gun toy, from 1954. His note spells it out in full clarity:

“Hi Glenn, have been enjoying your reviews and comments. The ‘Space Disintegrator Gun’ you mentioned shows up in the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedy Artists and Models as a ‘Bat Lady’ toy for kids. Comics publisher Eddie Mayehoff demonstrates the rifle, and a miniature mushroom cloud issues from the muzzle of the gun. The visual effect of the detonation appears to be real footage of an atomic test. I have attached a frame grab of Mayehoff holding the ray gun — Keith West”

Well, that’s pretty sharp ray-gun spotting on Keith’s part, if you ask me. Artists and Models is a 1955 release, so the timing is ideal. I wonder if the original toy was from Hong Kong or perhaps Japan?  I Googled ‘vintage ray gun toy images’ but didn’t find this particular model, just small-caliber plastic hand blasters, from Buck Rogers on forward.


Well, half of 2020 is almost gone, and we’re all hoping that the second half won’t be as awful as the first. It’s a slow news day, disc-wise, so I decided to round up a group of releases from the first six months of this year — the ones CineSavant was able to review — that I thought especially attractive to collectors. 2019 was a phenomenal year for fantasy, horror and sci-fi Blu-rays but the first half of 2020 is no slouch either. The box-tops below are also links to the CineSavant reviews.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson