CineSavant Column

Saturday May 23, 2020


Ah… ya got me.  I burned up all my prep time writing, re-writing and re-re-writing my little essay on Danger: Diabolik, so haven’t prepped the usual links. We’re all stuck indoors to one degree or another, but I guess I’m lucky because I always have plenty to do. This isn’t 2004, when I’d write up ten DVDs a week for the old DVD Savant page, but we try to be as productive as we can.

Some good reviews are done and ready to go: Kino’s Film Noir the Dark Side of Cinema II and The Warner Archive’s Inside Daisy Clover are only a few hundred typos away from finished, as is Paramount’s 4K Ultra HD of Spielberg’s War of the Worlds.

I’m willing to be influenced by reader requests — I’ve already had The Night My Number Came Up recommended to me, and had almost skipped it because the trailer was kind of lame. I’ve got a long list of desired titles to cover: Return from the Ashes, Me, Natalie, The Song of Songs, Lonely Are the Brave, An Inspector Calls, Sunday in New York, Watermelon Man. Going back much farther are It Always Rains on Sunday, Perfect Friday and Un Flic. Those I really ought to cover just out of principle.

I’m waiting on my favorite The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, but it depends on whether the company selling it can get product from the U.K.. Titles not yet arrived but that have me sticking my nose in the mailbox and being really nice to the delivery men are Funeral in Berlin, the Columbia Classics 4K Collection, The H-Man / Battle in Outer Space double bill, Brittania Hospital, Olive Signature’s Hair, and of course, in early July, Criterion’s 1953 The War of the Worlds, Kino’s The Day the Earth Caught Fire and Scream Factory’s Kiss of the Vampire.

Thanks for reading — Glenn Erickson