CineSavant Column

Tuesday May 8, 2018


It’s been found! Last weekend I mistakenly remembered the theme music for Los Angeles KHJ Television’s ’60s movie show Strange Tales of Science Fiction as being Henry Mancini’s ‘Experiment in Terror.’ But it wasn’t, it’s this unusual piece entitled Out of This World by the Creed Taylor Orchestra. I don’t even remember if Channel 11’s ‘Chiller Theater’ had a music theme, as the TV reception for that channel was so poor, I rarely got to see it. Happy listening.

And what’s coming up at CineSavant? Discs are in for Jacques Demy’s The Model Shop, the Vaughn Monroe western Singing Guns, the Cher movie Mermaids, the silent The Holy Mountain, Paul Schrader’s Mishima and Hepburn and O’Toole in The Lion in Winter. Just seen and awfully good is Jacques Rivette’s La Belle Noiseuse, four of the best hours I’ve spent lately.

For the balance of May we’re expecting new Blus of Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars, Brownlow’s restoration of Birth of a Nation, Mazursky’s Next Stop Greenwich Village and Schlesinger’s Midnight Cowboy. I’m also awaiting VCI’s improved encoding of City of the Dead.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson