CineSavant Column

Tuesday April 24, 2018


We lead off with some vintage French artwork for The Day of Triffids, which looks like a poster but is not. I recognize the layout format from publications in Spanish and Italian, but to be sure asked Michael Hyatt, who confirms that it is a photo-novelization of the movie.

Hyatt also told me that back in the day this item was the only way the French could ‘see’ the movie: import quotas prevented a theatrical release there in the first place! That, in spite of the fact that a good third of Triffids takes place in France, and the co-star is French. Mike collects Triffids posters; I’m guessing that he likely figured this out when no French poster existed to be found.

A trailer rarity at Trailers from Hell yesterday — The Folks at Red Wolf Inn, with a snappy commentary by David DeCoteau.

Twilight Time for July has been announced: director Roger Spottiswoode’s epic The Children of Huang Shi, the 1965 costume pic Genghis Khan, Mark Rydell’s delightful Cinderella Liberty and Raoul Walsh’s The Revolt of Mamie Stover with Jane Russell as a ‘fallen woman’ in Honolulu who ends up owning half the real estate on Waikiki.

Only a couple of years ago I finally figured out that a number of B&W ‘Mexican’ effects scenes in Kurt Neumann’s sci-fi thriller Kronos were achieved by adding animated effects to color Hawaii-set scenes from Mamie Stover, mainly, a giant robot and electromagnetic ‘force waves.’ I think adding a giant robot and electromagnetic force waves is a good way to improve most any travelogue landscape photo.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson