CineSavant Column

Saturday January 4, 2020


An upcoming American Cinematheque screening of The Incredible Shrinking Man at the Spielberg Theater at the Egyptian is being ballyhooed as a new 4K restoration. Could that be why Shrinking Man was the last of Uni’s major 1950’s sci-fi classics to hit Blu-ray in the States — was a release being held off until this restoration was completed?

After explaining that I was too confused or too lazy to choose a list of top discs of 2019, of any description, I got several letters saying, sure & thanks, but when are you going to give us your top ten?  For the last ten years I think I’ve been hovering around a top twenty, which only listed movies that appealed directly to me — and what relevance did that have for anyone else?  To put the matter to rest, I went through my list of reviews for the year and simply tapped the top 20 (arbitrary, no?) that I’d grab if the boat was sinking. So here — alphabetically — are the illuminating, embarrassing twenty for 2019:




Sorry to the one reader who THANKED me for not making a list!   Until next time, thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson