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Tuesday October 22, 2019


The Halloween decorations are just beginning to go up on Rimpau street — the other day the police had an entire block cordoned off to permit cranes to install who-knows-what on the mansion-lawn of somebody I assume is deeply associated with movie effects — as indicated by the ‘bare skeleton’ of decorations I saw earlier in the week ↑ . I also passed by a house with one of those large balloon creatures crawling on its roof … I suppose they’re not so rare or exotic. →


Short Cuts: Wow, it’s happening — Powerhouse Indicator is beginning to send out material on their upcoming Hammer Volume 4 Faces of Fear disc set, the one you’re not going to be able to shut me up about when it arrives!


Yes, the Quatermass and the Pit Blu-ray has already been out almost three months, but the fact that I want badly to cover something doesn’t always mean that a timely screener is forthcoming. I hope the review is worth the wait.   I kind of thought I HAD to review this particular title — when I began writing for Steve Tannehill’s DVD Resource Page back in 1998, it was the first DVD disc I reviewed.

Gary Teetzel sends along a Hollywood Reporter article for fans of Stanley Kubrick: Which Hollywood Studio Hid Its Priceless Papers in an Underground Salt Mine? by Stephen Galloway. A number of years ago Gary himself descended into the exact same mine for MGM/UA, and he didn’t even suffer from claustrophobia!   I just want to know if he saw any Dimetrodons down there, or heard any Bernard Herrmann music at ‘the magnetic center of the Earth.’


← And, I am now a lucky recipient of Universal’s Scarface The World Is Yours Limited Edition’ 4k Ultra HD box, the one that comes with this rather large ‘The World Is Yours’ statue.  Instead of Atlas or giant turtles, Terra Firma is supported by a trio of nude water carriers. It’s golden in color, it’s hefty and it’s a pretty good display doodad.

A review will follow, as soon as I find my official Al Pacino profanity-neutralizing headphones… I’m in particular looking forward to an extra feature, the promised restoration of the original 1932 Scarface, with Paul Muni, George Raft, Karen Morely and (sigh) Ann Dvorak … plus Boris Karloff!

As ever, some of these images display larger if you open them in a new window.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson