CineSavant Column

Tuesday October 15, 2019


Hooray for Joe Baltake! ┬áHis The Passionate Moviegoer blog is back with a piece on John Huston’s Annie, from 1982. Joe’s been offline for several months, and it’s great to see him back in the game. Encore !

I wouldn’t exactly call this entry ‘By Popular Demand,’ but in keeping with a Halloween theme, I did indeed retrieve ‘Pompey’s Head’ from the attic. It’s the thing in the cartoon from last Saturday… It’s pretty well battered about, but it still has family history around here. A bit of patch-up is all that’s required. And since I promised, here are a couple of views, which indeed magnify the dings and chips of the twenty-three years it’s been rotting in a box!

I don’t think I’d ever shown my son The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake… so I’m guessing he just made up the ‘lips sewn shut’ business. The good news is that his mother had a sense of proportion. She didn’t give the kids complexes because they liked the ‘weird’ films I might show them… that lecture was saved for me.

I couldn’t help myself … I touched up the first picture a bit. The noggin really in need of touch-up is my own. And thanks for this bit of self-indulgent fun!

Thanks for reading — Glenn Erickson