CineSavant Column

Tuesday September 3, 2019


Happy Tuesday, end-of-Labor Day after a perfect Los Angeles weekend, a much better situation than I see playing out on the East Coast, yikes.

Got to have a piece of pie and coffee with fellow reviewer Mark Throop last Friday, and when I returned home I steered myself back to his prodigious stack of concise, funny, insightful takes on a wide range of pictures, over at his page Movies a la Mark. Two recent Throop pieces I can recommend are his takes on Moonfleet and The One That Got Away. It’s great to read somebody whose thoughts and opinions challenge my own …. but not too much, let’s not get silly.

And valued correspondent and defender of the realm Edward Sullivan writes in with a welcome link, about actors Deborah Baxter and Martin Amis. Alex Waterhouse-Hayward’s article from 2008 has a tangential connection to A High Wind in Jamaica which I just reviewed … I’m delighted to be able to read about Ms. Baxter. Nice photo too. The link: Deborah Baxter Smiles, Martin Amis Falls & Rebecca Cries

And wow, just from yesterday, Greenbriar Picture Shows has a GREAT follow-up on my A.I.P. MIA article from last week, with excellent info on the Yo-Ho-Ho Piratical Distribution racket enjoyed by Messers. Arkoff and Nicholson. Don’t miss.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson