CineSavant Column

Saturday May 11, 2019


I’m sure that by now all green-blooded Godzilla fans have seen this photographic evidence, but here’s a snapshot of the Cinerama Dome taken on Thursday last — they seem to be preparing a massive visual aid to tout the upcoming premiere of a certain monster movie. I’ll have to arrange a drive-by tomorrow… maybe I’ll stop off at Amoeba Records and pop out the front door with my camera — it’s right next door on Sunset Blvd. I’d guess this giant ‘sculpture’ can’t be a balloon, because if so why would they need a crane to install it?   I’ve told Gary Teetzel that I’m willing to go see the Big G monster-thon fresh and new, just for a fun outing … let’s see if it happens.

I have proof that the German Explosive Media Blu-ray of These Are the Damned is indeed on its way, scheduled for May 23 and available from as Sie sind Verdammt. It’s the first HD release of Joseph Losey’s powerful sci-fi classic, and it ought to look sensational. I’m excited about the release because I provided an essay for a seven-page insert pamphlet. I’ve had an article published before in translated German, but it’s pretty neat seeing my words reconfigured this way: “Helft uns! Bitte, HELFT UNS!”

And I’m flattered that Craig Reardon has been helping me by lending his exacting eye and photoshop skills to my collection of original 2¼ transparencies from fave film Major Dundee. They never looked better — and I happily take the opportunity to show off a couple of cropped samples.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson