CineSavant Column

Tuesday April 9, 2019


I’m not seeing any fun links or amusing stuff to pass along today, so I’ve decided to revert, default, and retreat to another highly entertaining and daringly scandalous round-up of what discs and reviews are on the way. In hand and ready for reviewing are Criterion’s The Kid Brother; Kino’s Bend of the River, House of the Seven Gables and Rider on the Rain, The Warner Archive Collection’s Superman: The Kirk Alyn Serials, The Red Skelton Whistling Collection and Frankenstein 1970 (pictured); Powerhouse Indicator’s The Reckless Moment and Lilith; ClassicFlix’s Stand-In, and Arrow’s Mélo and Iguana with the Tongue of Fire.

Reportedly on their way to CineSavant central are a big French box of Les forbans de la nuit (Night and the City), complete with a large book en Français; Scream Factory’s Tarantula; and The Warner Archives’ Mysterious Island (1929) (pictured). Twilight Time has Highway Patrolman, Three Coins in the Fountain and Melvin and Howard in the promises-promises chute, but they might not be here for another week or so.

We’re very much looking forward to Kino’s upcoming Fantomas 3 Film Collection, Gone to Earth (The Wild Heart) and The Silent Partner; Twilight Time’s Warlock, Robbery and Baby, The Rain Must Fall; Scream Factory’s Quatermass 2 and Quatermass and the Pit and Criterion’s War and Peace (pictured), Blue Velvet, The Heiress, My Brilliant Career and A Face in the Crowd.

It’s like summer in Los Angeles; 82 degrees and sunny (Monday afternoon). We’re presently concerned about an onslaught of termites… where’s James Whitmore when we need him?  Take care and
Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson