A Chronological Review List for 2011

December 2011

Safe in Hell
Milestones / Ice
Nothing Sacred Blu-ray
DVD Savant picks the Most Impressive Discs of 2011
The Constant Nymph
Midnight in Paris Blu-ray
A Farewell to Arms Blu-ray
The Lady Vanishes Blu-ray  Savant Book Interview:
Steve Stoliar and Raised Eyebrows – My Years Inside Groucho’s House
The Seventh Cross Sabu! Eclipse Series 30:
Elephant Boy, The Drum, Jungle Book
Where the River Runs Black
Seven Chances Blu-ray
Fright Night Blu-ray
Tora! Tora! Tora! Blu-ray
The People Against O’Hara
Quigley Down Under Blu-ray
Kuroneko Blu-ray
The Rocketeer Blu-ray
The Help Blu-ray
Welcome to L.A.
Twelve Angry Men
Doctor Blood’s Coffin
The Rules of the Game Blu-ray

November 2011

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three Blu-ray
Meet Me in St. Louis Blu-ray
Way Down East
The Nickel Ride and 99 and 44/100% Dead
Sarah’s Key  Blu-ray
The Legend of Lylah Clare
Giorgio Moroder’s Metropolis Blu-ray
Fanny and Alexander Blu-ray
The Big Country Blu-ray
The Silver Fleet
West Side Story Blu-ray
The Robber Blu-ray
Mysterious Island Blu-ray
The Warped World of Koreyoshi Kurahara: Intimidation, The Warped Ones, I Hate but Love, Black Sun, Thirst for Love
Absence of Malice Blu-ray
Mutiny on the Bounty Blu-ray
Blue Velvet Blu-ray
The Four Feathers Blu-ray
Island of Lost Souls Blu-ray
Horror Express Blu-ray
The Couch
Going Places Blu-ray
The Music Lovers
The Last Run
Travels with My Aunt
The Left Hand of God
Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom Blu-ray

October 2011

Cry Terror!
The Fuller Brush Girl
Top Banana
The Phantom Carriage Blu-ray
Great Italian Directors Collection: Story of a Love Affair, Boccaccio 70, Casanova 70
The Disembodied
The Traveling Executioner
The Quatermass Xperiment
Cosmic Journey
City of Life and Death Blu-ray
The Complete Jean Vigo Blu-ray
A Better Life
Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray
Black Zoo
Orpheus Blu-ray
Two Tickets to Broadway
Death Rides a Horse & It Can Be Done… Amigo by Lee Broughton
The Bad Seed Blu-ray
The History of Mr. Polly
Attack the Block Blu-ray
Beautiful Boy Blu-ray
The Guns of Navarone Blu-ray
The Revolutionary
Stagecoach (1966)
The Purple Gang
Jackie Brown Blu-ray
Dressed to Kill Blu-ray
Ill Met by Moonlight
RoboCop 2 Blu-ray
Go West / Battling Butler Blu-ray
The Last House on the Left Blu-ray
Prohibition Blu-ray
A Boyfriend for My Wife
You Got to Move
Le Beau Serge Blu-ray

September 2011

Visions of Eight
Hero’s Island
The Threat
Mimic Blu-ray
Ben-Hur Blu-ray
Carlos Blu-ray
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Blu-ray
Treasures 5, The West: 1898-1938
The 10th Victim Blu-ray
Obsession Blu-ray
Dumbo Blu-ray
3 Women Blu-ray
My Cousin Rachel
The Romance of Rosy Ridge
Hickey & Boggs
The Hills Have Eyes Blu-ray
The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom
The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond
If…. Blu-ray
Master of the World
Citizen Kane Blu-ray
One Minute to Zero
United 93 Blu-ray
In Caliente
The Entitled Blu-ray
Straw Dogs Blu-ray
Follow Me Quietly
The Strange World of Gurney Slade: The Complete Series By Lee Broughton
Blood simple Blu-ray
The Magnificent Seven Blu-ray

August 2011

Cul-de-sac Blu-ray
The Letter
Strike Blu-ray
The Twilight Zone Season 5 Blu-ray
The Conspirator Blu-ray
The Flim-Flam Man
The Killing Blu-ray
A Fistful of Dollars Blu-ray
For a Few Dollars More Blu-ray
Life During Wartime Blu-ray
David Holzman’s Diary Blu-ray
The Woman on the Beach
The Garden of the Finzi Contini UK; PAL Region 0
Hearts of the West
American Grindhouse
The Battle of Algiers Blu-ray
The Atomic City
The Big Lebowski Blu-ray
The Horizontal Lieutenant
High and Low Blu-ray
Léon Morin, Priest Blu-ray
La Rabbia (The Anger)
The Breaking Point
Achúcarro & Rattle: Nights in the Gardens of Spain Blu-ray
The Colossus of New York
The Funhouse Blu-ray
Vigil in the Night

July 2011

Trust Blu-ray
Steven Bingen Talks About MGM: Hollywood’s Greatest Backlot by Stuart Galbraith
Sands of the Kalahari
Another man, another chance
Dark of the Sun
Source Code Blu-ray
The Blues Brothers Blu-ray
Django Shoots First by Lee Broughton
Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up
The Egyptian Blu-ray
Buster Keaton The Short Films Collection 1920-1923 Blu-ray
Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray
The Sacrifice Blu-ray
Miral Blu-ray
Tiara Tahiti
Tenebrae Blu-ray
The Mexican Spitfire 8-Movie Collection
Anti-Nazi Classics: The Murderers Are Among Us, The Gleiwitz Case, Naked Among Wolves, I Was Nineteen;
Ring of Fire Blu-ray
Insignificance Blu-ray
Curse of the Faceless Man
People on Sunday Blu-ray
The Wheeler Dealers
The Killer is Loose
Brazil Blu-ray

June 2011

Kiss Me Deadly Blu-ray
The Boy Friend
The Careless Years
Adua and Her Friends
The Honeymoon Machine
Woman Obsessed
The Squall
Priest of Love Blu-ray
Burn, Witch, Burn
Nénette + Animals and More Animals
One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich
Das Boot Blu-ray
The Brass Legend
Hair Blu-ray
Park Row
Toward the Unknown
The Great Dictator Blu-ray
Vera Cruz Blu-ray
The Romantic Englishwoman Blu-ray
Revenge (Adauchi)
The Makioka Sisters Blu-ray
New York, New York Blu-ray
The Stunt Man Blu-ray
The Company Men Blu-ray
I Am The Law & The Mafia By Lee Broughton
Solaris Blu-ray
Night Flight
The Misfits Blu-ray
Papillon Blu-ray
The Twist

May 2011

The Man Who Would Be King Blu-ray
Once Upon a Time in the West Blu-ray
Yolanda and the Thief
The Gun Runners
Fate is the Hunter
A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray
They Won’t Forget
The Manchurian Candidate Blu-ray
American Graffiti Blu-ray
Some Like it Hot Blu-ray
The Bird With the Crystal Plumage Blu-ray
Something Wild Blu-ray
Grand Prix Blu-ray
Our Hospitality
Stars in My Crown
The Horse Soldiers Blu-ray
Diabolique Blu-ray
Such Good Friends
Kes Blu-ray
Every Girl Should Be Married
VCI War Films: The Way to the Stars, Malta Story, Above Us the Waves, Sea of Sand;
The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Black Sleep
Blue Valentine
Confidential Agent
Hurry Sundown
The Terror Blu-ray
Dementia 13 Blu-ray
Blow Out Blu-ray

April 2011

While The City Sleeps and
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Queen of Blood
Altin Çocuk by Lee Broughton
Violent Saturday
How I Won the War
Chance at Heaven
El Topo & The Holy Mountain Blu-ray
Ingrid Bergman in Sweden: Intermezzo, A Woman’s Face, June Night;
Silent Naruse: Eclipse 26: Flunky Work Hard, No Blood Relation, Apart From You, Every-Night Dreams, Street Without End;
Le Cercle rouge Blu-ray
The King’s Speech Blu-ray
Casino Jack Blu-ray
The Perfume of the Lady in Black
Rope of Sand
Our Time
Keeper of the Flame
White Material Blu-ray
Off Limits
Arthur Blu-ray
Arthur 2: On the Rocks Blu-ray
Taxi Driver Blu-ray
Noah’s Ark
The Mountain
Teen Wolf Blu-ray
The Kremlin Letter
Stars (Sterne)
The Greatest Story Ever Told Blu-ray
Primrose Path

March 2011

King of Kings Blu-ray
Sherlock Holmes:
The Complete Collection
Tangled Blu-ray
The Ten Commandments Blu-ray
On the Double
I Vinti: The Vanquished
The Mikado Blu-ray
2 Weeks in Another Town
The Fernando di Leo Italian Crime Collection: Caliber 9, The Italian Connection, The Boss, Rulers of the City;
Soylent Green Blu-ray
The Wild, Wild Planet
Embodiment of Evil Blu-ray
Get Low Blu-ray
The Clowns
The Times of Harvey Milk Blu-ray
The Tattooed Stranger
Au revoir les enfants Blu-ray
The Sleepy Eyes of Death: Collector’s Set Volume 2: Sword of Fire, Sword of Satan, The Mask of the Princess, Sword of Villainy;
Eye of the Devil
Every Day
Sharktopus Blu-ray
Excalibur Blu-ray
Arizona Colt & Arizona Colt Hired Gun by Lee Broughton
Yi Yi Blu-ray
Sweet Smell of Success Blu-ray
High Wall
Moonstruck Blu-ray
Boys’ Night Out
Bambi Blu-ray
Murder, He Says / Feudin’ Fussin’ and A-Fightin’

February 2011

The Night Digger
Inside Job Blu-ray
Senso Blu-ray
Two in the Wave
Quest for Love
America America
Princess O’Rourke
All the President’s Men Blu-ray
Intruder in the Dust
The Twilight Zone Season 3 Blu-ray
Basil Dearden’s London Underground: Sapphire, Victim, The League of Gentlemen, All Night Long;
Susan Slept Here
Broadcast News Blu-ray
Network Blu-ray
Five Corners Blu-ray
Shopping Blu-ray
Susan Sontag’s Promised Lands
Bachelor Mother
Thelma and Louise Blu-ray
All About Eve Blu-ray
Santa Sangre Blu-ray
I Spit on Your Grave Blu-ray
The Prowler
The Strawberry Blonde
Shock Corridor Blu-ray

January 2011

The Color Purple Blu-ray
Alice in Wonderland (1951) Blu-ray
Blondie Johnson
Ronald Reagan Centennial Collection: Dark Victory, Knute Rockne All American, Kings Row, Desperate Journey, This is the Army, The Hasty Heart, Storm Warning, The Winning Team;
Pleasantville Blu-ray
The Celluloid Salesman & Safe… Not Sorry
The Naked Kiss Blu-ray
The Human Comedy
Dances With Wolves Blu-ray
Army of Crime
The Window
Stone Blu-ray
The World The Flesh and The Devil
Robinson Crusoe on Mars Blu-ray
Lipstick on Your Collar Reviewed by Lee Broughton
Heat Lightning
Army of Shadows Blu-ray
Once Upon a Time In America Blu-ray
The Outfit
The Mission Blu-ray
Glenn Erickson’s DVD Wish List for 2011
The Black Pirate Blu-ray
Cronos Blu-ray

December 2010

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics Triple Feature: Not of This Earth, Attack of the Crab Monsters, War of the Satellites;
Escape from Zahrain
Adriatic Sea of Fire
Sherlock Jr./Three Ages Blu-ray
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
Vampire Circus Blu-ray
America Lost and Found the BBS Story Blu-ray
The Matador Blu-ray
DVD Savant Picks the Most Impressive Discs of 2010
Modern Times Blu-ray
Greaser’s Palace
King of the Roaring 20s: The Arnold Rothstein Story
The Green Slime
Straight to Hell Returns
Videodrome Blu-ray
The Night of the Hunter Blu-ray
College Coach
Walt & El Grupo
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41