Tuesday January 23, 2018

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Claude Autant-Lara:
Four Romantic Escapes from Occupied France

Eclipse Series 45

 Charlie Largent scrutinizes a quartet of moody wartime dramas from Claude Autant-Lara: Le mariage de Chiffon, Lettres d’amour, Douce and Sylvie et le fantôme. The films were the work of a famously conflicted artist (to say the least) and the movies, though frivolous on their surface, occasionally display a darker and more somber temperament at their core. From Eclipse, Series 45.

CineSavant is running lean for a few installments! Reviews are going up twice a week but I won’t be around to report them here … Instead, follow this link —

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to see them as they’re updated at Trailers from Hell. Hopefully they’ll be posted smoothly … I’ve backlogged a couple, and reviewer Charlie Largent will be contributing a couple as well.

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