CineSavant Column

Saturday December 30, 2017


I was wrapping up my review for Arrow’s revisit of Billy Wilder’s The Apartment when emails began pouring in that Amazon wasn’t accepting new orders, and had even cancelled some pre-orders. The thought is that the limited edition’s 3,000 unit run had sold out, with third party sellers already cashing in. Well, if that’s true all-region capable customers still have the UK edition. I also wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a glitch in the system — when Arrow comes back after New Year’s it might have some good news on the subject. Note for those buying the UK copy — the extras appear to be a little different.

On the subject of the recently reviewed Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Gary Teetzel forwarded a link to a Movie Censorship page explaining the digital tweaks James Cameron performed on his show en route to the latest remastering job. They all got by me, even the ‘fixing’ of Schwarzenegger’s face in some effects/stunt shots.

I’ve received VCI’s replacement disc for the great caveman vs. dinosaurs romp One Million B.C.; early review discs and some sales copies had a slight visual flaw — odd artefacting in minute detail texture — that I didn’t even detect on a first viewing. The replacement discs are perfect.

And the masters of horror at Severin say that they’re sending an Amicus Horror Boxed Set. I’m looking forward to a review, perhaps from Charlie Largent.

Thanks for reading. Let’s all hope for the best for 2018 . . . 2017 appears to have been the worst year on record for just about everything. Good luck and good wishes for all — Glenn Erickson